Noise meters set for compulsory installation in Seville rentals

Spain: A new law is set to come into effect in the Andalusian city of Seville that will make the installation of noise meters compulsory in short-term rental properties listed in certain parts of the city’s historic centre.

The ruling is being made in response to complaints about perceived excessive levels of noise from increasing numbers of tourists in Seville’s city centre, where more short-term rental listings are appearing.

The installation of the meters will monitor the decibel levels in short-stay apartments and it is designed to ensure that noise limits are legally enforced. If noise limits are exceeded, the owners of the property / properties will receive a message telling them to resolve the issue immediately, or face a penalty for not complying with the incoming regulations.

José Luis Sanz, the newly-appointed conservative mayor of Seville, told residents in the Santa Cruz old town [and Jewish Quarter]  that the regulations were motivated by a desire to “reclaim” the neighbourhood for residents and to avoid the “desertification” of the city.

Under the new law, it is anticipated that limits will also be introduced on the number of people that can stay in a short-term rental property at one time, also in a bid to reduce excessive noise around Seville’s historic centre.