Sharebox is set to showcase its latest product at HOST [Credit: Sharebox]

Sharebox to showcase key management product at HOST

Norway: Global key sharing app Sharebox will showcase its latest key management product at London’s HOST 2019 later this month.

Sharebox’s clients will now be able to white label their Sharebox cabinets and allow them to completely integrate with their own applications. They will also have the power to brand the body of the cabinet and add their logo to be displayed on the touch screen, including their own customer support messages and phone number.

By controlling all communications internally, the company’s customers will be able to maintain a single voice to their own customers, thereby increasing their satisfaction ratings.

Sharebox’s software white label programme is specially tailored to property managers, holiday rental operators, real estate managers, hotels, hospitality, convenience chains, car rental brands and car repair chains.

Founded in 2016, Sharebox aims to offer customers a secure and simplified service to ensure a safe and efficient handover of keys.

Managed entirely through a mobile phone app, its cabinets are placed in central locations and provide anyone who needs to share keys such as Airbnb hosts, property managers and car-sharing services, with a large network of trusted key exchange locations across Europe. With Sharebox, key owners can stash keys in a secure, conveniently-located cabinet which guests can access through the app.

The app will then notify the owner when the cabinet has been opened so owners know exactly where keys are and who has taken them.

Sharebox co-founder and CEO, Arne Eivind Arnesen, said: “Used by over 100,000 customers, our solution has proved to simplify every aspect of the key exchange process. Sharebox removes the issues and confusion that people have with lock boxes and users are simply guided by the Sharebox app.

“We are proud to offer a 24/7 customer service so that, if need be, a support team can help within seconds, by chat or phone. We are very much looking forward to launching our exciting new whitelabel service at HOST, a service which sets us apart from the rest and allows our customers further control of their key exchange service,” he added.

For more information, visit the Sharebox website here.

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