Penthouse One in Marbella [Credit: The Sirreti Group]

Sirreti unveils independent accreditation for ultra-luxury STR sector

Worldwide: The Sirreti Group, a community for the luxury and ultra-luxury vacation rental industry, has announced that it will launch The Sirreti List this spring to showcase “exceptional” vacation rentals which have met the Sirreti accreditation standard, and as such are considered to be amongst the very best in the world.

Described as the first independent guide of its kind in the luxury and ultra-luxury vacation rental sector, The Sirreti List is designed to offer travellers an independent and unbiased guide of the world’s ultra-luxury vacation rentals, particularly in a world where discerning travellers are seeking increasing levels of unparalleled excellence. The list will also act as a global endorsement that both qualifies and verifies the very highest standards of luxury.

Drawing inspiration from the 125-year-old Michelin Guide, The Sirreti List creators, Wolf Wörster and Iain Beaumont of The Sirreti Group, have spent a year creating an accreditation programme for the ultra-luxury vacation rental market.

From lavish penthouses and beachfront villas, through to private estates and chalets in some of the world’s finest ski resorts, each property looking to make it into The Sirreti List has to pass a rigorous accreditation process to prove they are amongst the very best in the world.

The Sirreti List accreditation process ensures that each property achieves a threshold of excellence across eight core criteria: location; build; interiors and exteriors; amenities; service; status and price points; reviews and recommendations; digital engagement; and sustainability.

Accreditation panellists for the Sirreti List are senior professionals with extensive experience in the luxury travel industry. They possess a deep knowledge of VHNW [very-high-net-worth] and UHNW [ultra-high-net-worth] guests, luxury vacation rentals and destinations which cater to affluent travellers, allowing them to assess the quality and authenticity of each property that applies for accreditation.

Panellists are appointed due to their strict impartiality and integrity, ensuring that there is never a conflict of interest when approving a property to join The Sirreti List.

Wolf Wörster, CEO of The Sirreti Group, said: “The Sirreti List is more than just a directory of ultra-luxury vacation rentals; it is a trusted and vetted resource where travellers know they can find exceptional quality. We understand that UNHW guests demand so much more than just lavish accommodations, and The Sirreti List is a powerful tool for travellers to use to ensure they can find the very best rental properties across the globe.”

The Sirreti accreditation programme brings together over 25 years of industry experience and is the latest offering from The Sirreti Group, which was founded in 2021 to support the international luxury and ultra-luxury vacation rental sector. The group now has members from more than 25 international markets.

The Sirreti Group also operates:

  • The Sirreti Community: a members-only environment dedicating to supporting owners, agents and managers in operating in the UHNW vacation rental market;

  • The Sirreti Annual Conference [to be held this year in Mexico];

  • The Sirreti Insights Report, which shares the latest industry trends, detailed data analysis and statistics with its members on the ultra-luxury short-term vacation rental market.

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