Swimply aquatics
The Swimply aquatics website connects pool-owners and prospective pool renters in the U.S.

Swimply website extends Airbnb business model to swimming pools

US: A decade after Airbnb’s establishment as an online market for rental accommodation, more spin-offs of its business model are being introduced in new categories, such as aquatics.

One company called Swimply is applying the successful Airbnb business model to swimming pools, whose website acts as an online hub for both swimmers and pool owners to list or rent out pools across the United States for a minimum of an hour at a time.

The website already has listings in 18 states, including Arizona, Florida, Michigan and Texas, as well as Ontario and Toronto in Canada.

Swimply works by connecting pool-owners and prospective renters and allows users to see which pools are available in any given city. It lists the cost per hour for both weekdays and weekends, the pool amenities provided and the dimensions and depth of said pool.

A well-equipped leisure pool in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, is available for around $40 per hour while a bigger aquatics pool with more features attached (hot tub, wifi etc) will cost around $79 per hour.

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