Lewis launches Dubai-based Airbnb management help service

Dubai: A Dubai-based Airbnb management service which aims to help investors and tenants list their properties as vacation rentals on the online platform has been launched.

The service, called Airdxb, will assist users with paperwork, cleaning, guest screening and other tasks as well as simplify the listing process, according to founder and director, Gregory Lewis.

Lewis said the overall objective of the company was to ‘take the hassle’ out of the Airbnb process.

He said: “It’s meant for investors hoping to let out their property, or for people who travel and use Dubai as a hub who think that they may as well Airbnb their property and recoup some of their rent. For investors who own properties, it also gives agents the flexibility to do viewings.”

The company provides services in handling communication with guests, taking professional photographs for the listings, screening guests, sorting 24-hour check-in and key exchange services, and analysing the daily markets to determine pricing.

In addition, Lewis said the service helps users fulfil the requirements and paperwork required by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), which is the regulator of Dubai’s hospitality industry.

He said: “Airbnbs must be licensed for holiday home rental. We follow the government guidelines to ensure that you offer certain things, like fire extinguishers and cutlery, and we register the property on the DTCM website.

“Going forward from that, every single stay must be registered, and at the end of each month, we send an invoice regarding the tourism fee. We do all that for the user,” he added.

By launching Airdxb, Lewis said he hoped to take advantage of Dubai’s booming tourism industry.

He said: “We’re looking at a growing tourism industry, and a lot of people like the idea of living like a local, not in a five-star hotel with all the glitz and glamour. Also, Dubai is an expensive city, particularly with the costs of flights and going out factored in. But Airbnb opens it up to a different market, which may have previously ruled Dubai out.”

“A lot of investors are worried about rates of return, and holiday letting can give them that stronger rate of return,” he added.

Lewis also aims to expand further into the UAE and the wider region as more emirates and countries ensure Airbnb is a legal and viable option.