Child-free travel is becoming a major industry

Travel startup Tempted aims to set up rental partnerships

USA: Tempted, a new San Francisco startup, is intending to link its new technology with the short-term rental industry’s biggest players.

The business model of Tempted capitalises on the market of exhausted parents or those without children, advertising vacation offers such as accommodation, resorts, restaurants, cruises and tours that are adult only.

The founder, entrepreneur Mariam Bulin-Diarra, developed the idea after hosting a Canadian Airbnb couple at her home in Paris.

“Because of the family obligations and demanding jobs they didn’t have the opportunity to have quality time together,” she said. “All they wanted was to have fun and not to be mom and dad for ten days.”

The company is aiming to expand in the new year, creating a mobile application, integrating AI solutions into their current site, and expanding into new countries. The company also seeks to expand their short-term rentals partnerships.

Tempted seeks to allow vetted properties on its site from the major short-term rental websites, namely Airbnb, HomeAway, and Vrbo. While they currently partner with Booking.com, the expanded partnership list would allow the site a greater diversity of properties and experiences, with the vetting process confirming their continuity within the goals of the site.

Childless travel has grown significantly over the past few years: online platform On the Beach saw a 25 per cent rise in childless bookings in 2019, and searches for adults-only travel rose by 30 per cent in 2018. Many new businesses, such as Virgin voyages, are investing in adults-only vacation packages as a core part of their product.

Family structure and choices are major factors in holiday booking, and with Generation Alpha growing older, new families are searching for variation in their own holiday possibilities. Tempted is providing a new way for adults looking for a small escape from their kids a way to find all their needs in one single place.

For more information, visit the Tempted website here.

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