Travedise is growing its international vacation destinations [Credit: Travedise]

Travedise grows vacation destinations in the United States

India / US: Bangalore-based vacation exchange company Travedise is expanding the choices of international vacation destinations available to its members in the United States.

Destinations across North America, such as New York City, Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Hawaii and St Thomas, will now be available for bookings via brands including Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, Westin and Ritz Carlton across Travedise’s 12,000-plus member base.

The company, which launched at the start of 2020, claims to be a pioneer of the “pay-as-you-live lifestyle”, a concept that sets out to add greater value to the timeshare experience of vacation exchange. Travedise calls this “vacation banking”, through which guests can exercise ownership of a vacation property which can be traded as and when one demands.

Ashish Mishra, founder and CEO of Travedise, said: “Our vision in creating Travedise was to transform the vacation ownership industry by bringing greater transparency in policies, and make vacation exchanges not only simple, but desirable for our members. Over time, Travedise will monetise the concept of “vacation banking” into new markets like the Americas to attract new audiences’ shifting perceptions and migrating customers from one region to another.

“We’ll do this with committed precision and attention-to-detail while keeping the puzzle together,” he added.

Gregg Anderson, executive director and advisory board member of Travedise, said: “It is an exciting time for the vacation ownership, rental and exchange industry globally. More and more families are recognising the value and the experiential delight of vacationing in this manner.

“Travedise is not just in the vacation exchange and rental business – we are in the outdoor experience and storytelling business. The more we can introduce our members to new destinations the more memories are made and stories shared,” he added.

Executive director Jaish Ibrahim said: “The US is among the top desirable destinations among Indians and Asians. We believe these new resorts in North America perfectly complement Travedise’s already outstanding portfolio of resort properties and experiences in India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Dubai and more.”

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