TravelAI acquires domain and launches

Canada: TravelAI, an UpNext company which specialises in personalised travel experiences and data-driven content generation, has completed the acquisition, branding and launch of, a matter of days after finalising the purchase of the domain.

The site primarily targets luxury travellers who are interested in villas, short-term rentals,and holiday homes, mainly in the Mediterranean and Caribbean markets.

The acquisition comes as part of TravelAI’s expansion into new travel niches using its ‘micro-segmentation’ strategy, which tailors messaging and options to each ‘segment’, treating the traveller as an individual rather than a part of a larger group. The company, much like physical-world travel and hotel brands which operate different properties for diverse consumer personas, rapidly identifies and iterates sites within profitable segments that are underserved in the market.

TravelAI has acquired the domain from Casai, a Mexican proptech startup Casai which closed its doors in July last year after having raised in the region of $50 million in funding.

John Lyotier, CEO of TravelAI, said: “Our philosophy is to operate at speed and scale, and we were able to launch this brand in days using AI technology and our multi-site content platform. Now that it is launched, we anticipate a lot more tweaks to the brand and site using the data we gather to service the needs of travelers, increasing the personalisation and relevance one visitor at a time.”

Chris Jensen, COO of TravelAI, said: “This acquisition showcases how our proprietary platform enables us to deploy and scale quickly while delivering high-intent, high-value travellers into the hands of our customers, who are large online travel agents. This brand will be profitable from day one due to our economies of scale, use of AI-supported technology, and ability to monetise traffic effectively.

“It is a painful fact in the travel market that many businesses fail. The previous owners invested heavily in brand development, yet were unable to achieve profitability before abandoning their efforts.

“We are entering a new world for travel-related companies, and we anticipate significant changes in how travellers are supported along their journey,” he added.

Leisure travellers are now leaning on generative AI for inspiration, planning, and booking, with 44 per cent of consumers trusting these tools throughout the process. TravelAI is using AI to provide personalised experiences based on different niches that satisfy consumers’ interests.

Lyotier continued: “The domain represents luxury and is relevant to our target audiences, but it is also a blend of the words ‘Casa’ and ‘AI’, which perfectly encapsulates what we do. We believe that AI will be used to inspire travellers, answer traveller queries, and make the entire market more efficient.”

To date, TravelAI has created more than 350 consumer brands to address multiple parts of the traveller journey – from ideation, to booking, to anticipation, to the journey itself. Managing these brands at scale would not be possible without the applied use of AI in marketing, operations, finance, and technology, according to Lyotier.

A few of the company’s signature brands include Rent by OwnerHotalaVacation CottagesCabinns, and now Casai.

TravelAI rebranded from Left Travel in October to better define how it serves the travel industry in the age of artificial intelligence [AI].

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