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Left Travel rebrands as TravelAI for ‘micro-segmentation’

Canada: Left Travel, an UpNext applied AI company operating in the field of travel, has rebranded as TravelAI to better define how it serves the travel industry in the age of artificial intelligence [AI].

Aiming to become the trailblazer in personalised travel experiences, TravelAI harnesses the power of applied AI to create ‘micro-segments’, dividing travellers into groups based on customer needs, preferences and behaviours. The company provides insights on new trends to travel providers and online travel agencies [OTAs], including Expedia, Vrbo and

‘Micro-segmenting’ refers specifically to the process of using data to divide customers into niche groups. Providers can then tailor messaging and options to these ‘segments’ of travellers.

With this data-driven approach, TravelAI says that it has facilitated more than $1.5 billion in gross bookings, and six million nights booked since 2016.

A new global report by Skift also shows that 32 per cent of consumers are ready to use personalised travel experiences, while demonstrating that AI and ‘segmentation’ – grouping ‘like’ travellers together – are vital to reaching these consumers.

John Lyotier, CEO of TravelAI, said: “We needed a name that defined our focus and what we actually do: applying AI to ‘micro-segment’ travellers. Hyper-personalised options – that’s how the industry will serve the next billion travellers.

“By fusing AI and insight, we can streamline travel, leading to more positive, memorable experiences, and improving the travel industry’s image,” he added.

TravelAI also offers consumer-facing brands such as Rent by OwnerHotalaPet-Friendly AccommodationsBedroom Villas and more. Each site was informed and created by TravelAI’s data engine analysis.

Chris Jensen, co-founder and COO of TravelAI, said: “AI is about introducing efficiencies at scale, lowering the costs of travel and allowing more people to travel together, and travel better.

“The appetite for travel is insatiable. Harnessing AI’s efficacy and scalability to personalise travel experiences will be how the industry evolves,” he added

Some travel industry experts predict the sector will grow at 5.8 per cent annually, more than double the pace of the economy. In 2021, investors invested $11 billion into travel startups.

Lyotier said: “Our distinctiveness lies in harnessing these tools to enhance travel experiences. And when they don’t exist, we build them. We’re not just about conceptual AI; we are about applying these groundbreaking technologies to craft better, more memorable travel experiences and more efficient delivery.

“Through optimising efficiencies, we’ve realised a simple truth – better efficiency translates to better travel,” he added.

Through a network of inter-connected brands, TravelAI connects high-intent travellers to the largest travel websites across the world and more than 10 million properties catering to every traveller type.

TravelAI portfolio brands include,,,,,,, and

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