WebRezPro has integrated with Lynx [Credit: WebRezPro]

WebRezPro integrates with Lynx software platform

Canada: WebRezPro cloud property management system (PMS), a product of World Web Technologies (WWT), has integrated with home automation platform Lynx.

Lynx is a smart rental automation software platform for vacation rentals, apartment hotels, boutique hotels, B&Bs and long-term single and multi-family rentals. The integration automates digital key generation and streamlines guest check-in and staff workflow.

Lynx allows lodging operators to automate and personalise the guest experience with digital keys or four-digit PIN codes that are uniquely valid for the duration of the stay. Guests can be welcomed to their accommodation with music, an automatic light switch-on, temperature changes or automated text messages when they arrive at the property.

In addition, a virtual concierge is on hand to answer questions that are specific to each property. The Lynx platform allows property managers to create enhanced operational workflows by using real-time field data as trigger events.

Lynx CEO Resha Shroff said: “WebRezPro is a leading property management software and with this partnership, we are excited to extend the power of the Lynx platform to WebRezPro customers. We are all about hassle-free, efficient and automated operations.”

The direct interface between the two systems will allow Lynx to automatically receive guest and reservation information from WebRezPro, while delivering a secure digital key to WebRezPro for each guest’s reservation. It automates key exchange results for guests and management respectively and streamlines staff workflow between reservations for cleaners and managers.

WWT president Frank Verhagen said: “With Lynx, we are excited to offer our clients a seamlessly integrated keyless entry solution that not only streamlines the check-in process but meets the expectations of today’s guests. This interface will save vacation rental operators time, reduce costs, and improve the guest experience.”

For more information, visit the WebRezPro property management system here and the Lynx software platform here.

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