Yonder to introduce host equity programme

US: Nature tourism online travel agency Yonder is introducing an “industry-first” programme called ‘Yonder Steward Equity, LLC’, which offers an initial five per cent allocation of Yonder global shares. 

The programme will make equity access available to all Yonder worldwide hosts [known as Stewards] and fosters a connection between their business success and that of Yonder itself.

Yonder CEO Bill Lee said: “We’re proud to introduce a new plan that benefits Stewards with the opportunity to receive ownership in the Yonder Global PBC. This new wealth building reciprocal relationship demonstrates our commitment to a shared purpose and reinvests in property owners and operators while recognising their contribution to our mutual success.”

The Yonder nature tourism platform offers a variety of overnight stays and activities at farms, ranches, private rentals and other nature immersive accommodations. As a living example of the company’s commitment to the natural world, Stewards help support the higher purpose of Yonder by not only listing their properties and activities, but by creating moments of nature connection with guests.

Through their commitment to their land, community and hospitality, Stewards are answering Yonder’s highest calling – to preserve and grow people’s connections to the natural world.

Matt Landau, short-term rental industry thought leader and founder of VRMB.com, said: “Yonder’s announcement represents the high level of integrity that our hospitality industry is capable of. Yonder is a fresh kind of solution.

“When you start with conscientious business practices and weave your core stakeholders into everything you do, so much of the other stuff falls into place,” he added.

Yonder’s new equity programme involves grants of shares that will be awarded to Stewards based on tenure, booking velocity, guest reviews and sustainability practices. The criteria for the issuance of stock grants will be distributed to Yonder Stewards in early 2022.

Sheron Scurlock, Yonder Steward and owner of Scurlock Farms, said: “This program is revolutionary for an OTA platform. Yonder makes us feel like we’re more than just hosts with a listing, but true partners in its business.”

Those interested in becoming a Yonder Steward can learn more at this link.

Established in 2018 by Tim and Sarah Southwell, Yonder is expanding across Europe. The company is also a member of One per cent for the Planet and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and is in the process of achieving Certified B Corporation Status.