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3 December [4pm GMT]: Trendsetters: Short Term Rental Trends 2021 [sponsored by Party Squasher]

Hosted by Paul Stevens, editor, IHM

[Sponsored by PartySquasher]

In December 2019, Paul made his 2020 predictions for the short-term rental industry, when, unbeknownst to all of us, a global pandemic was around the corner, triggering one of the most challenging yet transformative years in history for travel and hospitality.

This year in pure 2020 style – Paul will be outlining the trends for 2021 across the industry in a LIVE webinar discussion and joining Paul in making these forecasts for what lies ahead in 2021 are:


Topics discussed:

  • A breakdown of the major trends to be expected in the short-term rental space in 2021
  • The rise of eco travel in 2021 and the push for sustainability
  • The increase in quality control as a result of Covid-19
  • How Airbnb’s IPO will increase regulation of the short-term rental industry
  • The continuation of tech convergence