Thursday 4 Oct [5pm BST]: Tech conundrum – early adopter or late to the party? in collaboration with Hopper Homes

Hosted by Paul Stevens, editor, IHM

[In partnership with Hopper]

Today’s travellers, especially millennials and Gen Z travellers, have different expectations, and not just in terms of where they stay but how they book that trip. The full travel ecosystems, travel-specific super apps and flexible fintech products are meeting the needs of today’s consumers and pushing the industry forward. In this webinar, the team from Hopper Homes and several PMCs will discuss how generational changes and new age technology are changing the STR market, and what PMCs should know about adapting to new travel expectations.

You will learn:

  • What Hopper is and why the company launched Hopper Homes
  • How Hopper is innovating and creating a unique purchasing experience for its customers
  • How Hopper’s innovation and unique value proposition will benefit Hopper Homes’ partners
  • Why being an early adopter of Hopper Homes gives you an advantage over the competition


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