Tuesday 7 May [4pm BST] – The blurring of travel, hospitality and retail


Hosted by STRz editor Paul Stevens

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The lines between travel, hospitality and retail are blurring in the same way that the various travel, hospitality and real estate asset classes are converging and the signs are that this will continue apace in 2024 and beyond. More players are entering the travel industry with a desire to earn their slice of the pie, from retail corporations to banks and credit card firms, while online travel agencies are announcing new partnerships to diversify their products and services and drive loyalty. Hosts and property managers are also realising the benefits of diversifying their services and generating new revenue streams in-property.


You will learn:

  • How travel and hospitality brands are embracing retail and commerce opportunities to enhance the guest experience
  • The types of incentives and rewards being rolled out to guests and members
  • Why non-travel brands [e.g. fintechs / banks / credit card firms] are launching rewards and loyalty programmes and what it means for the short-term rental sector
  • How travel / hospitality brands may diversify into retail e.g. Airbnb – in reverse to how Amazon expanded
  • What the future holds for guest retention and brand loyalty
  • What new brands might venture into travel and how this will impact the booking process and experience



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