Tuesday 21 May [4pm BST] – Exploring alternative sources of funding


Hosted by STRz editor Paul Stevens

Sponsored by Pricelabs and Hospitable – Get 25 per cent off for three months here

Amid a challenging investment landscape and widespread global economic uncertainty, investors are unsurprisingly being cautious about how and where they invest their capital. With this in mind, startups in the short-term rental industry are adopting alternative approaches on their funding journey, whether it is raising funds via crowdfunding or going down the venture capital or angel investing routes. This webinar will explore these alternative sources of funding and what may be the appropriate route for your company or startup.

You will learn:

  • What the current funding landscape looks like
  • Why startups may struggle / are struggling to secure traditional sources of funding and how they access alternative options
  • Why it is important to go down the right funding route for your business and at the right time
  • What goes in to a crowdfunding / angel investing process
  • Investor advice to founders / CEOs
  • How the funding and investment landscape might play out over the next 12 months



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