The island of Oahu [Photo Credit: novictorhelicopters.com]

GreatHawaiiStays.com lists properties on Hawaii and Oahu

US: The Hawaiian vacation rental platform GreatHawaiiStays.com has announced the addition of rentals located on Oahu and the big island of Hawaii.

The website, a part of the Northwest Vacation Rentals Professionals network, connects potential renters directly to industry professionals. It is partnered with a variety of different hospitality properties across the United States.

The company opened in September of the past year and has been on-boarding properties since. They have been offering a reduced rate of $66 per property per year while the business is in its growth phase.

By working directly with renters, the company can ensure that their partnered properties are abiding by ethical and legal standards. They can also ensure that they are abiding by community guidelines on how treat guests and locals.

The website has started the majority of its business on the largest two islands for tourist visiting, namely Oahu which features the capital of Honolulu. It has plans to expand to Maui, Kauai, Lanai and Molokai soon.

Ted Klassen, owner of Kona Coast Vacations and charter member of GreatHawaiiStays.com said: “We are excited to join this respected network of vacation rental brands that service North America and have been delivering value to the vacation rental traveler for decades. Travelers to Hawaii can now work directly with their #bookdirect professional property managers and save on traveler fees while enjoying all that are islands have to offer!”

Hawaii’s relationship with its vacation rental community has been fraught in the past. Honolulu has introduced a short-term rental complaint system in order to better legislate the influx of properties.

Dedicated Hawai’i-based companies hope to stem these concerns by forging stronger links with their own communities.

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