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I-PRAC unveils first trust marketing manual for STR industry

[SPONSORED CONTENT] Global verification and membership platform, I-PRAC, is announcing the launch of The Trustology – described as “the first trust marketing manual for the short-term rental industry and a project that has been 25 years in the making.

Imagine being given the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of scaling a short-term rental business from an entrepreneur who has Microsoft, Spotify, Salesforce, Disney, MTV, Google, Netflix, Paramount, Ogilvy and more in their portfolio.

Well, according to the team at I-PRAC, you needn’t wait with baited breath much longer, as the company is launching its first trust marketing manual in the spring of 2024. And the best part of the news? It’s completely free.

Titled ‘The Trustology’, this sensationally packed manual will guide hosts through everything they need to know to build a trusted STR business that is guaranteed to generate more direct bookings.

Chris Maughan, founder of I-PRAC, has built his own short-term rental company [AES Events] from the ground-up – offering luxury hospitality to senior teams of the world’s leading brands. Maughan relocated to the South of France from the UK over 20 years ago, to set up AES Events. The entrepreneur claims that his phenomenal success to date is largely owed to his reputation of valuing relationships in business – and ensuring that they’re nurtured on a foundation of trust and integrity.

When Maughan moved to the city of Cannes, few were convinced of his dream turning into reality – as setting up a luxury corporate short-term rental business with little-to-no resources seemed ambitious.

It should be noted that this was before the dawn of the internet and social media – during a time where all worthy marketing was in fact, paid marketing [think features in magazines, newspapers, and brochures], so Maughan certainly had his work cut out for him.

But we now look at Maughan’s STR business, and are vastly taken aback by its numbers. To date, AES manages £940 million in owner assets and has its property portfolio valued at £50 million. The business itself is valued at £70 million, including turnover, client contracts, and property assets.

And what’s even more breathtaking, is that Chris Maughan has not once relied on an OTA to earn a single booking.

While Maughan has generously supported hundreds of budding STR business owners throughout his career, he has never put all his experience, teachings, strategies, and advice into one easily accessible place. However, this is now about to change, thanks to the launch of The Trustology.

The Trustology will be free to access from I-PRAC’s website, via their brand-new Trust Marketing consultancy page. This will be an industry-first, as never has a short-term rental leader as successful as Maughan, laid out a detailed blueprint for budding operators. In fact, the entrepreneur guarantees that if hosts and managers implement all the teachings of The Trustology, they will see a sharp increase in their year-round direct booking rates.

​So far, I-PRAC’s team has kept the specific details of The Trustology under wraps, to build anticipation. But we already know that it’s going to serve as the ultimate guide for all things trust marketing, branding, and scaling an STR business.

Readers can expect things like a meticulously detailed ‘How To’ when it comes to designing a direct bookings’ website, a deep insight into the ideal guest booking journey, how to earn the trust of guests through language and design, and even a thoughtfully curated section on getting into the right mindset in order to implement a successful ‘Trust Strategy’ [that actually converts].

They say the best way to be successful is to find someone who has already achieved the results you want, and copy them – and The Trustology promises the chance to do exactly this.

I-PRAC is delighted to be offering this must-have resource for absolutely free, as Maughan and the team believe that every operator deserves to have access to these life-changing strategies and information, as it will only make our industry a safer and more ethical place to do business in.

For those who are keen to get their hands on the content and see rapid results in their STR business, the waitlist for The Trustology is officially open.

Simply visit I-PRAC’s website link HERE, and sign up for an update as soon as this unmissable guide goes live. In Maughan’s words: “It’s guaranteed to change the trajectory of your business for the better, as long as you implement the strategies outlined within it.”.

Busier calendars are definitely on the horizon thanks to Chris Maughan and the team at I-PRAC. We cannot wait to see how The Trustology will change the lives of STR operators, across the world.

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