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Meet the 2021 Shortyz Rising Star nominees [so far]

Worldwide: Ahead of the expiry of the 2021 Shortyz Awards entries deadline on Friday 5 March [23:59 GMT], take a look at the individuals who have already been nominated for this year’s Rising Star Award.

Nominate your 2021 Rising Stars by registering at this link and following the instructions provided.

  • Nicki Hutchman
Rising Star
Nicki and Paul Hutchman

Nicki and Paul Hutchman are owners of Competa Escapes Holidays in the heart of Competa in Andalusia, Spain.


  • Claudius Mbemba and Kwame Boler
Rising Star
Kwame Boler and Claudius Mbemba

Kwame Boler is co-founder and CEO, and Claudius Mbemba is CTO of neu, which provides on-demand “hotel-grade turnovers” for Airbnb rentals.


  • Francois Gouelo
Rising Star
Francois Gouelo

Francois Gouelo is co-founder and CEO of Enso Connect, a home management software that leverages smart home devices, AI communication, and top management services to provide a seamless experience to homeowners, property managers, and guests in the short-term rental industry.


  • Tracey Northcott
Rising Star
Tracey Northcott

Tracey Northcott is the founder and owner of Tokyo Family Stays, and the founder and owner of Tracey Northcott Consulting.


  • Kyle Stanley
Rising Star
Kyle Stanley

Kyle Stanley is the host of The Fearless Investor Podcast, in which he teaches others how to start their business.


  • Karolina Saviova
Rising Star
Karolina Saviova

Karolina Saviova is co-founder and COO of AltoVita, a global corporate housing platform empowering global talent mobility at scale.


  • Alex Allison
Rising Star
Alex Allison

Alex Allison is founder and CEO at D. Alexander and D. Alexander Capital, a hospitality brand that aims to reinvent how people live and own real estate through a vertically integrated, single-family real estate fund operated like a boutique hotel.


  • Julie Brinkman
Rising Star
Julie Brinkman

Julie Brinkman joined revenue management platform Beyond Pricing as chief operating officer in early 2020 and was recently appointed as CEO.


  • Yaa Birago
Rising Star
Yaa Birago

Yaa Birago is co-founder and CEO of Femmebnb, a social networking vacation rental platform that aims to alleviate safety issues associated with women travel.


  • Fiona Quinn
Rising Star
Fiona Quinn

Fiona Quinn is VP of business affairs at AvantStay, a West Hollywood-based hospitality brand.


  • Will Lucas
Rising Star
Will Lucas

Will Lucas is the founder and CEO of Mint House, a tech-enabled hospitality company which wants to revolutionise the industry by providing a unique accommodation experience for business travellers.


  • Abbi Martinez

Abbi Martinez is creative director at Futurestay, an on-demand automation, connectivity and payments platform for private accommodations.


  • James Brown
Rising Star
James Brown

James Brown is operations manager at London-based luxury short-term rental property management company UnderTheDoormat.


  • Quirin Schwaighofer
Rising Star
Quirin Schwaighofer

Quirin Schwaighofer is co-founder and co-CEO of Sydney-based property management company MadeComfy, along with his wife, Sabrina Schwaighofer.


  • Jesse DePinto
Rising Star
Jesse DePinto

Jesse DePinto is co-founder and chief product officer at Frontdesk, a short-term rental property management company which operates suite accommodations in multifamily apartments in urban locations across the United States.


  • John Stokinger
Rising Star
John Stokinger

John Stokinger is an account executive at TRACK Hospitality Software, an integrated software and solutions provider for the hospitality industry, and TravelNet Solutions, the provider of TRACK Hospitality Software.


  • Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg
Rising Star
Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg

Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg is CEO and board director at London-based proptech SaaS company Lavanda.


  • Carlos Alberto Lagares Gallardo
Rising Star
Carlos Alberto Lagares Gallardo

Carlos Alberto Lagares Gallardo is CEO at CheKin.com, a software company dedicated to providing unique technological solutions to the tourism industry.


  • Stacey Sharp
Rising Star
Stacey Sharp

Stacey Sharp is founder at Retreatmi, a platform that brings together unique locations, instructors and added services so travellers can design and build their own custom wellness holidays.


  • Silvia Montini
Rising Star
Silvia Montini

Silvia Montini is CEO and founder of Dormoa, an online booking platform created and designed to offer Italians vacation rental accommodation.


  • Irina Salvezani
Rising Star
Irina Salvezani

Irina Salvezani is a host at Eco Home Salvezani Apartments in Split, Croatia.


  • Jordan Locke
Rising Star
Jordan Locke

Jordan Locke is founder and principal consultant at RevPARTY, a boutique consulting firm that specialises in revenue management strategy in the vacation rental, short-term rental, and traditional hospitality industries.


  • Kelly Donovan
Rising Star
Kelly Donovan

Kelly Donovan is CEO and co-founder at Stay & Escape, a London-based luxury Airbnb host management agency.


  • Dale Smith
Rising Star
Dale Smith

Dale Smith is the founder and director of Host & Stay, a family-run holiday accommodation business providing luxury holiday homes, based in Skelton, England.


  • Michael Goldin
Rising Star
Michael Goldin

Michael Goldin is director of business development at NoiseAware, a noise protection service for short-term and vacation rentals.


  • Alex Alioto
Rising Star
Alex Alioto

Alex Alioto is co-founder and VP of sales at Whimstay, a company which provides last-minute vacation rentals to travellers, while seeking to increase occupancy for hosts and property managers.


  • Mark Simpson
Rising Star
Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson is the founder of Boostly, giving hosts the tools, tactics and training to increase direct bookings for their hospitality business.


  • Clark Childers and Adam Walton
Clark Childers and Adam Walton

Clark Childers and Adam Walton are independent business owners of The Lincoln Marfa, which operates a short- and long-term lodging community in the heart of Marfa, Texas.


  • Ellie Paget
Ellie Paget

Ellie Paget is the founder and chief disruptor of HomeSlice Stays, a vacation rental management, investment and consultation company.


  • David Phillips
David Phillips

David Phillips is the co-founder and president of Jurny, a hospitality tech company pioneering the next generation of tech-first, on-demand accommodations.


  • Luca Zambello
Luca Zambello

Luca Zambello is the co-founder and CEO of Jurny, a hospitality tech company pioneering the next generation of tech-first, on-demand accommodations.


  • Frederik and Julian Philipp Nagel
Frederik Nagel
Julian Philipp Nagel

Frederik and Julian Philipp Nagel are co-founders of along, a B2B marketplace for interior design.


  • Melinda Enriquez
Melinda Enriquez

Melinda Enriquez is an Airbnb property manager and co-host in Australia, helping home owners and investors to get the best return on their investment.

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