The Shortyz Awards entries period is open now until 4 March

How to craft a standout Shortyz Awards entry

Worldwide: Ahead of the the fifth edition of the Shortyz Awards on Tuesday 23 April at the Skyline London, follow our advice for how to craft a standout Shortyz Awards entry / entries that will impress the judging panel by the submission deadline on Monday 4 March.

As the leading, prestigious awards ceremony for the global short-term / vacation rental industry, the Shortyz attract hundreds of entries each year, from property managers to hosts, booking platforms, software providers, channel managers, suppliers, glamping / camping / RV companies and more. It is free to enter the awards and you can submit in as many of the 20 categories as you wish and are eligible for.

Once the entries deadline has passed, our panel of industry experts – made up of CEOs, founders, advisers, consultants and investors – will assess all of the submissions and score them against the criteria listed on our event website here. The submissions that receive the highest scores will progress to the all-important shortlists and will be in contention for the awards, which are decided by a 50:50 split between the judge scores and a public vote [once the shortlists have been announced].

Find our guidance below for submitting the best possible Shortyz entries so that you can successfully fulfil the criteria and stand out from the crowd:

  • Read the criteria for each category 

Before starting your Shortyz entries, visit the Categories tab at our event website to discover who is eligible to enter each category [e.g. if it is an individual or company award] and take note of the criteria. The entries that are most likely to score highest and progress to the shortlists demonstrate how they fulfil all of the criteria and provide pertinent information.

  • Provide specific examples including data and statistics

Providing specific examples such as data and statistics exemplifies how you have read and understand the criteria, moreover it offers extra gravitas to back up any claims you have made. This could be data or statistics related to booking increases, occupancy rates, technology adoption etc. If there is more sensitive information that you do not want to be disclosed, you do not have to make reference to it.

  • Explain what you wanted to get out of campaigns / projects etc and how you achieved this

In certain categories, you will be asked to explain particular campaigns or projects that you have launched over the past 12 months. To showcase why you deserve to win the award, clearly detail the objectives you wanted to meet in a campaign / project and lay out the steps for how you achieved or exceeded these objectives with supporting evidence e.g. data, social media results, signups etc.

  • Include customer feedback or endorsements from other industry figures

Endorsements from respected industry figures or positive feedback from your guests / customers can highlight how you are going above and beyond in your roles to deliver success and exceptional experiences. Feel free to shout about your success and achievements, whether it is positive reviews, media exposure, or other award wins!

  • Analyse entries that you have previously submitted to see what you did well and where you could improve

Take time to look back at your previous submissions and use the guidance in this article to see where you included sufficient and relevant information, and where you can enhance your entries for 2024. Any company of any size can be recognised at the Shortyz  and the quality of the entries is ultimately what determines who reaches the final shortlists.

  • Utilise your team

Including your team in your entry or entries e.g. through videos / links to social posts etc can make your entries more memorable and demonstrate a health company culture in your business. Companies and individuals have the option to submit videos or PDFs as well as the written text for each criterion, and while an entertaining or quirky video may not have too much impact on the scores themselves, it can still help it stand out from the competition.

  • Use word counts effectively

It is a good idea to use the word count effectively for each criterion you are looking to fulfil. It is certainly not compulsory to write up to the word limit but it is important to be precise and lay out your points clearly. There is also no obligation to write in full sentences if bullet points are more effective in explaining your achievements.

  • Avoid using AI-generated content

The most successful submissions are the ones that are personalised to the categories that they are entering for and demonstrate a clear understanding of what we are asking for in the criteria. It can be tempting to use ChatGPT or other AI technology to write your entire entries but that can also stand out for the wrong reasons e.g. being too generic.

  • Enter multiple categories that are relevant to you

Companies and individuals are encouraged to enter multiple Shortyz categories to enhance their chances of making the final shortlists. Some criteria can translate to several categories but make sure to tailor your responses appropriately.

  • Edit your submissions before the final deadline 

You can return to any entries that you have already started or submitted ahead of the deadline on Monday 4 March [23:59 GMT]. Check through your submissions carefully to see if you have made any simple spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.


Shortyz 2024 categories

Submit your no-cost entries for the 2024 Shortyz Awards by Monday 4 March [23:59 GMT] at this link

Ticket information – the 2024 Shortyz Awards take place at Skyline London on Tuesday 23 April

Contact if you have any questions over the entries process. Good luck!

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