Airbnb and Bahamas tourism body form partnership

Bahamas: Airbnb and the Tourism Development Corporation of The Bahamas have partnered to host a series of events aimed at empowering local entrepreneurs to grow their business through Airbnb’s Experiences platform.

The events, which included a Train the Trainer Program, an Entrepreneurship Lab, and a Town Hall meeting, were designed to connect Airbnb to key stakeholders in the country, specifically, those invested in the sustainable development of the tourism industry in the Out Islands. Airbnb invites locals with a one-of-a-kind activity to apply to host an Airbnb Experience for guests to explore.

“Airbnb, through its Office of Healthy Tourism, is excited to work with the Tourism Development Corporation of The Bahamas to highlight locals, sustainable tourism, and ensure that Bahamians, especially those in the Family Islands, are at the helm of the benefits of a robust tourism industry that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable,” said Carlos Munoz, Airbnb campaign manager for public policy and communications in the Caribbean and Central America.

The Train the Trainer program educated trainers on the changing demographics of travellers and travel trends. Held in conjunction with BahamaHost, the session also informed trainers on the Airbnb Experiences onboarding process, to inspire future Airbnb Experience hosts, especially those in areas less frequented by tourists such as the Out Islands.

The Entrepreneurship Lab, held in Nassau, was live streamed to include participants in the Out Islands. The focus of the event was to gather entrepreneurs from varying sectors, where they learned how to leverage the Airbnb Experiences platform to grow their existing businesses by sharing their passions and unique insights as locals with guests.

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