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Working from home is an increasingly popular trend

Airbnb for Work reports on desire for greater working flexibility

UK: UK employers should provide more flexible and remote working options to recruit talent, according to an Airbnb for Work report.

The Future of Work report, the first of its kind to be commissioned by Airbnb, has revealed that the modern trend of remote and flexible working is set to continue, and companies who implement this change are having more success in recruiting talented employees.

British workers are demanding more flexibility than ever, with 77 per cent of respondents and 84 per cent of millennials agreeing that companies must provide more remote working options to attract talent.

Why are more workers seeking to work remotely?

According to Airbnb for Work, British workers are becoming more confident in their abilities to work from any location, with one in ten now preferring to work away from their traditional office. One reason for this is down to modern technological developments, with 71 per cent stating that person-to-person interaction is no longer essential for their work and 73 per cent agreeing quality work can be carried out away from a centralised office location.

However, at the same time, almost two thirds of workers in the UK say they are not currently able to choose a flexible work schedule, while three quarters still have no option of working remotely.

Is this an international trend too according to Airbnb for Work?

This desire for flexible working options is an international trend too, as 73 per cent of those surveyed worldwide say that having a flexible work schedule is vital and 75 per cent agreed that a centralised workplace is essential for carrying out quality work.

The Airbnb for Work report also shows that although global employers need to be doing more, they are ahead of the UK. It says that 41 per cent of workers are being offered a flexible work schedule worldwide and 31 per cent are able to work remotely (compared to 35 per cent and 26 per cent in the UK respectively).

As well as flexible hours and the potential to work remotely, other benefits that ranked highly in the report included parental, commuter and wellness benefits alongside initiatives to drive individual growth and development.

What are the most desired work benefits for workers in the UK?

The top ten UK desired benefits are flexible hours, the ability to work remotely, continued education/tuition assistance, opportunities to move across teams, encouragement to get out of the office, commuter benefits, maternity/paternity benefit, travel for work, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and wellness benefits (e.g. gym membership).

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