Airbnb for Work employee meeting
Finding a meeting space outside of the office can be key to employee engagement

Airbnb for Work expands into team-building experiences and meeting scene

Worldwide: Airbnb has announced it will offer online tools to help workers find meeting spaces and team-building activities through Airbnb for Work.

The online shared accommodation service says that since its launch 10 years ago, it has seen “exponential growth” in companies using Airbnb for Work.

Airbnb also says that 700,000 companies have seen their employees sign up and reserve spaces or activities with its system and over 300,000 use Airbnb to manage their travel arrangements.

In a statement on its website, Airbnb said: “Offering unique ways to travel for work will remain core to Airbnb for Work, but we estimate only 25% of employees within a company travel for work.

“With Airbnb for Work’s new expansion into team-building experiences, homes for off sites and meetings, and relocations, we now have an opportunity to bring the magic of Airbnb to the rest of the workforce.”

By committing to expansion in these areas, Airbnb aims to help companies attract, retain and motivate talent as well as improve their employees’ engagement with their respective company.

Team-building exercises are seen as a key tool to help employees bond and form meaningful connections by providing unorthodox group perks such as sailing lessons and pastry-making classes with Michelin chefs through Airbnb group experiences.

This is supported by Korn Ferry’s claim that companies with engaged employees make 2.5 times the revenue and are 87% more likely to retain their staff than companies whose employees are not engaged.

Airbnb for Work now showcases homes where teams can collaborate better outside of the office environment as Gallup reported workers who spent 60-80% of their time outside of the office had the highest rates of engagement.

These homes can be used for off sites and meetings and are provided with work-friendly amenities like wifi and self-check-in. 3,000 castles and 1,400 treehouses from around the world are now listed on the Airbnb platform.

Meanwhile, a report from BDO said nearly 20% of employees around the world are eager to relocate.

Airbnb believes that by expanding in relocations, they can provide professionals with a temporary home – whether it is a modern condo or spacious ranch home – which will reduce employees’ issues relating to cultural adjustment when relocating.

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