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Airbnb listings reach record 6.1 million

Worldwide: Recent data from AirDNA reveals that 54 per cent of global Airbnb listings have been added since 2020, leading to record levels of active listings.

In September 2022, global listings on Airbnb reached 6.1 million. Overall in Q3, listings increased 22 per cent compared to 2019 with a shift away from urban centres towards destination markets.

Of the top 10 counties, Brazil has experienced the largest growth with 69 per cent of units online in Q3 2022 (compared to 2019). Perhaps in line with the shift away from urban markets, Rio de Janeiro supply was down 16 per cent.

Earlier this year, Airbnb announced the company would leave China following years of border closures and restrictions. The move saw around 500,000 properties removed from the platform. 

Sydney, Amsterdam and Tokyo were the only markets in the top 25 which have also lost listings from Q3 2021, likely as a result of strict regulations which have limited new supply. 

In total, around 185,000 properties left Airbnb in September this year, resulting in a net gain of 80,000 listings.

Austin, Toronto and Madrid are cities which have experienced the largest growth year-over-year, attributed to the return of travellers to urban destinations post-pandemic. However, with increases in demand and supply, many operators have felt a downturn in recent months due to the latter causing a drop-off in occupancy levels.  

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