Padlifter has launched a PMS tool [Credit: Padlifter]

Padlifter launches property management selection tool

Australia: Padlifter – a marketplace of short-term rental service providers – has launched its property management selection tool for property managers and owners.

Through a months-long process of demos, vendor discussions, customer interviews, independent research and mapping of features and benefits; Padlifter has distilled the universe of property management systems down to the leading 75 PMS options a property manager or owner should consider.

Padlifter says it has taken the best-of-breed options and created a bespoke PMS selection tool – built around individual requirements, budgets and preferences – to assist property managers and owners in its selection process.

Padlifter founder and CEO, Evian Gutman, said: “We developed this tool because every other resource in the market promoted a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to selecting the ‘right’ PMS, irrespective of the individual circumstances of the individual seeking guidance or advice.

“Whilst it was tempting to allocate ‘awards’, we believe that doing so is disingenuous. The ‘best’ PMS is a circumstantial function of an individual’s unique requirements, budget and preferences.

“The best PMS for Susie the property manager in Spain will be different to the best PMS for Michael the single property owner in Los Angeles.

“Danielle, who has a large agency budget can afford an expensive PMS that comes with all the bells and whistles. However, single property host Steve is using a PMS that satisfies the majority of his requirements but costs him only a fraction of the price.

“Who therefore got the best PMS? The answer is both,” added Gutman.

The tool is free to use, takes five minutes to complete, and presents the user with a list of top five matching PMS options to consider. The user is also encouraged to explore and consider other PMS options, as inevitably there will be other great options that just missed out on making the top five cut.

For that reason, Padlifter has also collated information on the 75 PMS companies included in the tool; including pros and cons, pricing information, as well as links to their website, demos, free trials and an indication of the target user for each PMS.

To access the tool, go to the website here.

To see the list of 75 leading PMSs, follow the link here.

To see the Padlifter Definitive Guide to Selecting the Right PMS, visit the link here.

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