Airbnb rolls out updated search and booking features
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Airbnb rolls out updated search and booking features

Worldwide: As part of the company’s 2022 Summer Release, Airbnb has introduced a range of new search tools and booking features, including split stays and a protection program.

CEO Brian Chesky has described the updates as “the biggest change to Airbnb in a decade”.

In a promo video, Chesky introduces the all-new Airbnb Categories feature. It allows users to browse places to stay based on 56 predetermined categories on the platform, including camping, desert, castles, surfing and more.

Categories are also included in destination-based searches. For example, properties can be grouped under historical homes or vineyards when browsing for stays in France. 

In response to the demand for longer stays, Airbnb has also introduced a new feature called Split Stays. This option is offered automatically when users search for a trip longer than one week.

Split Stays essentially pairs two homes together, back-to-back, for the specified duration of the trip. In one booking window, users can browse and reserve two properties within the same area. Each home is clearly marked and connected on the map by an animation which shows the distance between each property.

A third major update at Airbnb is the launch of AirCover. It offers free protection across three separate cases, in which Airbnb will find the guest a similar/better home or refund the booking.  

AirCover provides protection for:

Booking guarantee – in the unlikely situation where a host cancels the booking within a month of arrival.

Check-in guarantee – if a guest cannot check in to their home.

Get-what-you-book guarantee – if the Airbnb is not as advertised.

A 24-hour safety line is also provided under AirCover. If a guest feels unsafe, they will receive priority access to a trained safety agent. The communication line is available in 16 languages through the app and on the Airbnb website. 

Further information about the 2022 Summer Release updates can be found here.

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