Airbnb for Work is introducing more search capabilities for business travellers [Credit: Airbnb]

Airbnb taking steps to facilitate work-friendly stays

Worldwide: Airbnb is introducing a new work trip toggle and improved search result capabilities to facilitate work-friendly stays on business trips.

The work trip toggle, which is suitable for web, mobile web and all Airbnb app platforms, enables guests to let the company know what type of trip they are making when they begin their search for short-term rental accommodation.

From now on, when guests use the work trip toggle to say they are going on business trips, their search results will focus on listings that are more pertinent for those specific trips. This means they will have the choice of booking entire homes, Airbnb Plus designer homes and boutique hotels.

Work-friendly accommodation listings are set to be faced with increased quality standards that have received positive ratings from business travellers. Required safety features include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

The new features on offer globally available globally complement existing Airbnb tools that are tailored to business travellers and managers, including centralised billing, notes for expensing purposes, and company admin dashboards.

Meanwhile, Airbnb for Work is seeking to continue improving the ways professionals travel, collaborate, create and grow from single freelancers to companies with hundreds of thousands of employees.

As part of a press release, Airbnb also announced:

• Over 500,000 companies around the world use Airbnb for Work to help manage their business travel.

• Airbnb for Work announced the launch of a work trip toggle that users can click on to customise their search results for work travel and make more informed booking decisions.

• Search results are shown based on social recommendations including positive ratings and ratings from past business travellers along with places where hosts indicate there are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

• The new search experience will make business travel booking on the platform easier and will showcase listings that have received high ratings from other business travellers.

For more information, visit the Airbnb for Work website here.

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