AirDNA launches “ultimate platform revamp”

US / Spain: Data and analytics provider, AirDNA, has introduced its newest product evolution as it seeks to make a major step forward in the short-term rental industry.

As well as simplifying data access for all, AirDNA is also introducing an intuitive platform and a subscription model tailored to user needs.

The newly-designed interface allows users to explore the world of short-term rentals with increased ease, utilising interactive maps, charts, and a plethora of customisable tools. As the short-term rental market thrives, valued at $165.5 billion, the strategic move is set to provides AirDNA’s users with easier access to “unparalleled data in both depth and breadth”.

For AirDNA’s user community, the revamp entails greater value. Moving away from per-market pricing, users will now get access to the whole world with just one subscription. Ranging from Free to Advanced, new subscription tiers will provide tailored tools to cater to diverse needs.

Starting at just $180 per year, the Basic, Pro, and Advanced tiers provide increasingly detailed insights. Users can now seamlessly:

  • Find the best short-term rental investment market [anywhere in the world]
  • Understand how much a property could earn as a short-term rental
  • Explore vacation rental market trends
  • Research current Airbnbs and Vrbos
  • Understand your STR competition
  • Accurately price your listing

Now, AirDNA says that it will be less of a library—where you need to know what you are looking for—and more of a trusted advisor, helping you ask and answer the right STR questions.

James Malcolm, chief product officer at AirDNA, said: “Our investment in engineering and product development stems from our commitment to empowering our user community. Through in-depth surveys and interviews, we’ve tailored the new AirDNA to their needs, refining our tool into a user-centric platform that demystifies complex data, turning it into actionable insights and confident decisions.

“Whether you’re an existing member of the AirDNA community or curious about joining, these updates will revolutionise your STR journey,” he added.

According to the data provider, the platform’s appeal is rooted in its inclusivity.

Regardless of the subscription tier, the free level also provides “unhindered” global market access. Users can view essential data for any market in any country, encompassing trends for rates, revenue, and occupancy.

This facilitates easier comparisons of potential investment opportunities, empowering them with insights for informed decision-making. In larger markets, they can drill down into specific neighbourhoods or zip codes [called submarkets] to see which area is best for short-term rentals.

Notable upgrades include:

  • Universal access across subscription levels
  • Simplified market analysis using the AirDNA Market Score, applicable at neighbourhood or zip code levels
  • Expanded filter options tailored to specific data preferences, including categories such as location types, property styles [e.g. apartments, houses, unique stays], price brackets, and soon-to-be-added features like host unit counts, reviews and property availability
  • The ability to study individual active short-term rentals, helping users identify key competitors
  • A revamped subscription pricing structure, catering to varying user requirements

AirDNA’s future roadmap includes the integration of multiple listing service [MLS] data, a “game-changer” to connect investors with lucrative properties. Additions such as pricing automation and an enriched filter suite are also on the horizon for the company.

AirDNA CEO Demi Horvat said: “This isn’t just an update; it’s a paradigm shift in market research. It’s a step on our journey to make AirDNA the definitive, indispensable tool that anticipates and answers the needs of the STR industry.”

In July, AirDNA announced the acquisition of location intelligence platform Arrivalist – its first acquisition since being purchased by private equity firm Alpine Investors last March.