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AirGMS reveals corporate name change to iGMS

Vancouver: Vacation rental software company AirGMS has announced a corporate name change to iGMS.

The company, which continues to develop new technology and features for the vacation rental industry, already manages over 80,000 listings. It says it is intent on providing even more value to hosts.

The reason given for the name change is that the firm no longer considers itself to be merely Airbnb software. It is therefore evolving from AirGMS to become iGMS, or ‘Intelligent Guest Management Software’.

The rebranding heralds a new chapter for the business, celebrating recent developments to its vacation rental software.

The rebranding process needed to reflect the ethos of the company, so iGMS has chosen to retain the polyhedron symbol logo that became synonymous with AirGMS. The symbol has many planes and the company believes it reflects its vision of providing vacation rental software that is the perfect all-in-one-solution for hosts.

iGMS CEO Ivan Levchenko said: “There are dramatic changes going on that have served as catalysts for the rebranding.”

The changes include:

– Further integrations

The company has had Vrbo/HomeAway integration on beta testing and is now ready to unveil it. There is a fully equipped channel manager now too, and iGMS has resolved to make the integration as powerful as possible.

– More support for customers:

iGMS has expanded the customer service team in terms of numbers and productivity to better meet the needs of its clients. There are new opening hours too, allowing more opportunity for customers to speak to an advisor with any questions or queries.

– New tools and features.

Current updates allow hosts to manage booking alterations, create Airbnb listings, export calendars and automate their pricing strategy. The hosting experience is now more rewarding, efficient and easy, and hosts can do it all from one place.

– Development and growth.

In addition to the company exceeding 80,000 listings, iGMS has doubled the size of its team. At the beginning of the year, it received A-series funding, which will help it to actualise further ideas and improvements and also continue increasing in size.

iGMS CEO and co-founder, Ivan Levchenko, said: “Professional hosts understand that the hosting world revolves around the guests. It’s a simple equation—happy guests equate to higher revenue and constant growth.

“Our goal, in turn, is to provide hosts with the tools they need to achieve seamless guest management – on all platforms in every aspect.”

iGMS is expected to announce further developments in due course, along with more features and integrations.

For more information about iGMS, visit the company website here.

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