Anyplace has launched Anyplace Select

Anyplace launches Anyplace Select to facilitate remote working

Due to the pandemic, remote work has become more normalised, allowing people to experience the work-from-anywhere lifestyle without having to quit their jobs. However, Anyplace says that vacation rentals, hotels and other accommodation options do not currently cater to the needs of these professionals; they often do not have adequate internet speed and do not provide such a comfortable workspace.

Anyplace Select is a new type of accommodation that is designed to make it easy for remote workers to be productive while travelling and living in major cities across the United States.

Select units are furnished apartments with a “luxurious home office setup”, which includes an adjustable standing desk, ergonomic chair, ultra-wide monitor, microphone, webcam, key light, green screen, keyboard, mouse, computer speakers, and a laptop stand. Each unit has ultra-high-speed internet with speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps.

Anyplace co-founder Steve Satoru Naito said: “The recent growth of remote work has made it possible for millions of people to work from anywhere, yet most people still work from home. One of the main reasons is that accommodations away from home often lack necessities that allow professionals to be highly productive, such as high-speed internet, ergonomic office furniture, and auxiliary monitors.

“We believe that remote work-friendly accommodations will be the standard in the future, and we launched Anyplace Select to accelerate that future. By expanding Select units in the United States and then around the world, we are one step closer to our mission: Make it easier for people to live and work where they want, when they want,” he added.

Anyplace Select apartments are flexible-term, available for 30 days or longer without the requirement of signing a six- to 12-month lease. Additional properties will be opening in US locations later this autumn.

Anyplace operates in over 65 countries and 450 cities around the world.

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