An image of last year's booster program [Photo Credit] announces €2.6m sustainable accommodation grant

Netherlands: opened its Booking booster program for 2020 yesterday, focusing on sustainable accommodation.

This is the fourth iteration of the platform’s program, this year offering €2.6m worth of possible investment to start-ups, social enterprises, non-profits, and accommodations

The focus on sustainability is backed by the platform’s market research on what its own customers want. 82 per-cent of’s partners want to collaborate on sustainability, and 87 per-cent of its travellers consider sustainability when choosing accommodation.

Sustainability is becoming a larger and more important part of platforms’ message- both Skift and ShortTermRentalz predicted sustainable accommodation to be a major trend this year. Most recently, Airbnb recently launched a sustainability hub leading up to Big Energy Saving Week.

The Booster program consists of two complementary 10 day programs focused on sustainable accommodations. One in May for products and services, and one in September to support the design of accommodations themselves.

Both sessions will consist of hands on workshops and tailored mentoring sessions so participants can better understand their impact. It will continue offering mentorship programs to those who participated, even if they do not receive funding.

Rob Ransom, VP of Strategy and Corporate Development said: “With the 2020 Booking Booster program, we’re excited to be championing innovative solutions that help our accommodation partners to adopt more sustainable practices…. Bringing together products and services developed by startups and organizations from around the world with practical case studies from leading sustainable properties will accelerate our collective efforts to make every stay a sustainable one.”

“It’s not only what our customers want, but our partners, as well,”

This is one of many efforts by travel companies to be more responsible to their stakeholders and the planet. In addition to their commitment to sustainability, Airbnb opened its openhomes program to those affected by the Australian bushfire.

This program confirms’s commitment to both sustainability and its community. Interested applicants can apply for the program here.

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