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Booking Automation and VacaRent announce partnership

US: Booking platform owner VacaRent and property management software provider Booking Automation have announced a partnership.

The two companies have opted to combine the features of both platforms to create a unique software solution for the industry.

VacaRent, the company behind rentals platform Vacation.Rentals was started as a way to invest in the growing sector. The company, which purchased the domain for over $500,000, is unique in providing a subscription style business model to list rentals rather than charging commission.

VacaRent CEO Mike Kugler said: “Owners have asked us if our platform also performed property management and it didn’t. Our original intent was to simply make and market a travel site that would compete head to head with AirBNB or VRBO and nothing more.

“Yet, the same question persisted about property management as well as channel managers. Owners wanted an affordable and easy to use platform.”

The company initially considered building a PMS system from the ground up but decided to seek a partnership after considering the resources required. VacaRent contacted over 20 different solutions before settling on Booking Automation.

The platform itself was created by the Booking Automation founders to serve their own fleet of properties. The Software now has integrated a variety of unique tools, and has integrated with Airbnb, and Expedia for channel management purposes.

Kugler added: “Now, our owners get the best of everything! They can store guest information – invoice – create instant bookings – set seasonal rates – minimum nights and more.”

Many tech-centred businesses are forging new partnerships at the moment, both for property management solutions and beyond. Most recently, property automator Operto announced a partnership with short-term rental software provider Hostfully, while automated hospitality platform Zeevou announced the launch of their fully integrated property management software and channel manager on the 20th of march.

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