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Charge Automation CRO Flo Stich

Charge Automation appoints Stich as CRO

Canada: Charge Automation, a guest experience software for vacation rentals and hotels, has appointed Flo Stich as its new chief revenue officer [CRO].

In a strategic move to bolster growth, Stich has been hired to spearhead efforts in amplifying industry awareness and to further accelerate growth by addressing pain points for property managers throughout the guest experience.

While many clients have successfully self-onboarded, Charge Automation’s commitment to accessibility has prompted the company to offer even more personalised assistance. The approach ensures clients benefit from increased face-time, enabling them to enhance guest interactions and optimise revenue through seamless upsell opportunities, all while mitigating payment-related risks.

Stich is no stranger to the short-term rental industry, having most recently served as chief operating officer [COO] at revenue management solution Turbosuite, and before that, working at data provider AirDNA and channel manager Rentals United.

Headquartered in Toronto, Charge Automation aims to create a unified and streamlined digital guest journey. Its sophisticated free pre-arrival tool empowers property managers to effortlessly gather essential guest information, ranging from collecting guest IDs and selfies to rental agreements, pre-arrival questionnaires and personalised guidebooks with smart lock access, all seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly online check-in experience.

To go beyond simplifying check-ins, the company’s smart auto-collect feature allows property management companies to revolutionise how they collect reservation payments, security deposits and upsells, offering them an automatic, smooth and chargeback-free solution.

Designed with flexibility in mind, property management companies can personalise each guest’s journey based on property and the booking source. Guests are promptly sent a secure link after reservation to fulfil their pre-arrival requirements, guaranteeing a smooth check-in process for both guests and property managers.

Charge Automation’s suite of services, tailored for property management companies, includes a guest portal and guidebook, providing guests with a centralised resource to be able to review their payment schedules, change or update their payment methods, complete pre-check-in, ID and verification, rental agreement signing, purchase upsell, obtain access code and other relevant information.

Stich said: “Having participated in some of the demos, I was impressed with the client’s reactions and it confirmed how Charge Automation tackles real pain points for serious property management companies.” 

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