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Guesty launches Lite package for short-term rental hosts

US / Israel: Property management platform Guesty has announced the launch of Guesty Lite, a new package designed for hosts managing one to three properties.

Built on Guesty’s all-in-one solution for property management, Guesty Lite is designed to transform the way in which hosts do business by providing access to “best-in-class” features and “cutting-edge” technology without complexity. The package offers hosts greater visibility for their listings on key booking channels, automates day-to-day tasks, and enables an easier path to scale — all from a single platform.

As a result, hosts will be able to maximise their revenue while delivering exceptional guest experiences.

The short-term rental market has seen steady growth, with a 15 per cent increase in supply every quarter from 2022 to 2023. With over four million hosts on Airbnb alone, property managers need a competitive edge to attract a steady flow of guests.

Guesty Lite’s end-to-end solution addresses all aspects of property management and distribution, providing essential optimisations to secure a distinct advantage in the market.

Guesty CEO Amiad Soto said: “We believe that hosts even with one property should be able to maximise their investment. As the short-term rental market surges, property managers need ways to stand out from the crowd.

“Through Guesty Lite, we’re able to provide hosts with top-grade software and an inventory of features that will empower them to scale from a single platform,” he added.

Powering Guesty Lite is the company’s industry-wide expertise and large-scale R&D department of 200+ engineers. The package’s standout features include Guesty’s channel manager, which allows hosts to list their rentals on multiple leading booking platforms such as Airbnb,, and Vrbo in a few clicks.

Additionally, the multi-calendar feature displays a holistic view of every booking from every channel, eliminating double bookings. Robust automation tools enable everything from optimised pricing, to instant responses to guest queries, to cleaner scheduling, saving users considerable time and resources.

With a global reach and a local approach, Guesty Lite will be available in English as well as French, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish in its initial release.

Markus Nordvik, Guesty general manager, global host solutions, said: “The Guesty Lite package has been carefully developed based on user feedback and our industry experience. The challenge for hosts is clear: they want their business to succeed and grow, but simply don’t have enough time. We help solve that.”

Guesty for Hosts [formerly Your Porter – acquired in April 2021], Guesty’s previous platform for hosts of one to three listings, will continue to be available with full continuity for users. However, the launch of Guesty Lite marks the company’s commitment to a single platform for businesses of all sizes.

As hosts’ businesses grow, they will be able to seamlessly upgrade to all of Guesty’s advanced features. Guesty says that it is the first platform in the short-term rental industry to have a comprehensive solution for property managers of every size — from one to 10,000 listings.

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