Airbnbs in Zeeland and other regions have seen surges in demand [Credit: Airbnb]

Dutch demand for holiday homes shoots up

The Netherlands: Demand is rising for holiday homes in the Netherlands, in rural provinces such as Zeeland, Friesland and Drenthe.

Luxury homes, are popular in particular, according to Dutch source Financieele Dagblad.

Tom van den Brink of holiday home fair company Fairs Consult, said: “Buyers indicate that the world has changed enormously in a few months and they want to enjoy it now. They are looking for a little more space, a little more ground.

“Demand is therefore high in Friesland and Belgium, but also Drenthe, which always lagged behind the market. You can also see it in France: houses that were for sale for years are now being sold for the asking price,” he added.

The current crisis has led to a major growth in demand from domestic buyers, who are less willing to buy in places they may not be able to safely travel to. This is especially true for many properties which have been on the market for years.

Growth in demand has caused prices to rise in the country, with higher end homes on the water that start at €500,000 continuing to sell well. This may be partially due to the market catching up with itself, as property purchasing nearly ceased during the earlier parts of the year.

This market boom comes as Amsterdam has been looking to restrict short-term rental operations in its neighbourhoods. The city banned vacation rental platforms in three city centre districts, hoping to restore housing to locals in the area.

While many of these are for personal use, investment properties are also seeing significant market growth. According to intermediaries, investors are looking for not only homes with consistent rents, but ones that they can use themselves on holidays.

Frank de Groot of intermediary, said: “The increasing demand for domestic holidays offers more certainty about rental income. That in turn benefits the returns.”

Estate agents estimate that total real estate value of holiday homes may be as high as €150 million this year.

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