eZee has been named as an Airbnb preferred software partner

eZee named Airbnb preferred software partner

Worldwide: Hospitality IT solutions provider eZee has announced it has become an Airbnb preferred software partner.

After announcing a two-way integration of its channel manager, eZee Centrix, with Airbnb last September, eZee has now struck its own two-way connectivity agreement with Airbnb. That connectivity has brought Airbnb to the attention of hotels worldwide so that they can see the benefits that the rental platform brings, such as managing availability and bookings through eZee’s own stable channel manager.

The firm has now met the necessary requirements set out by Airbnb to become a preferred software partner, in terms of providing the full suite of Airbnb functionality, technology stability, and regular updates in its connectivity. The official recognition will help Airbnb develop its footprint further into the hotel market.

eZee chief technology officer Harshdeep Khatri said: “At eZee, we believe in going extra mile in any project that we take up. Working with Airbnb has been a tremendous journey as we have learned a lot, and the experience has been no less than an adventure.

“This feat is just the beginning of this adventure. I’m sure, both the teams are equally excited to take this at its best,” he said.

Furthermore, the full and real-time connectivity will allow users to manage their own Airbnb messages and promotions directly from the channel manager.

Since its inception in 2005, the company has looked to collaborate with regional and global industry leaders to provide the best services to its users.

Today, eZee serves over 13,000 clients in more than 160 countries across the globe.

For more information, visit the company website here.

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