SkyRun's director of sales, Michael Friedman

Friedman joins SkyRun as director of sales

US: Colorado-based vacation rental property management company SkyRun Vacation Rentals has hired Michael Friedman as director of sales to drive growth into new markets. 

Friedman will be responsible for expanding the number of destinations where SkyRun operates and helping to maintain its 30 per cent annual growth rate.

With over 30 years of hospitality, vacation rental, real estate, and travel and tourism experience, Friedman has created, led and implemented successful sales, sales training, and development programmes that increase revenue, market growth, and expansion. His programmes have, to date, grown businesses by 40 per cent to 1000 per cent.

As an industry thought leader, he provides industry expertise in vacation rental outbound sales, network growth, sales funnels, and marketing plan development and execution. He is also the co-founder of Vacation Rental University [VRU], an online academy that educates, trains, and supports the vacation rental industry.

Friedman said: “Joining SkyRun has been one of the best career decisions I’ve ever made. The brand, team, marketing, technology and opportunity is incredible and poised for tremendous growth.

“The vacation rental industry is moving fast and ever-changing in today’s hospitality landscape, and SkyRun is in its best position ever to be a leader in the space for years to come,” added.

SkyRun co-founder and CEO, Barry Cox, said: “As travel and tourism and vacation rentals continue to grow worldwide, there is great potential now to expand and enter untapped markets. With Michael leading our sales charge, we will soon expand our brand to operate in new markets in the US and across the world.”

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