Homestead Modern develops desert rental properties

US: Leading developer Homestead Modern, which manages vacation rentals in Southern California High Desert communities, has joined forces with Halycon High Desert Holdings to create two short-term rental properties.

Named Pause House, the two 560-square-foot single family residences were finished this week.

The name came from the developers’ intention to create a place for travellers to take a pause from everyday life and enjoy the desert in a comfortable, inspiring setting. The two properties centred around the desert’s day and night cycle, being called Pause House AM and Pause House PM respectively.

Dave McAdam, founder and co-owner of Homestead Modern, said: “Many of the guests at our properties are couples and we believe they will readily embrace these smaller and decidedly hip homes. Additionally, the Pause House project is a tip of the hat for us to the spirit of the original jackrabbit homestead cabins that proliferated in the High Desert after World War II.”

The properties mark some of the first developments made since sweeping changes in various California counties’ laws reduced or eliminated the minimum square footage requirement for “single family homes”. The change, driven by a statewide housing shortage, has now meant houses under 725-square feet can be considered single family properties.

Developing partners Homestead and Halcyon represent two of the largest figures in the High Desert vacation and real estate market. Homestead in particular manages the highest grossing portfolio of short-term rentals in the area, nearby one of the largest national parks in California, Joshua Tree.

McAdam added: “We always anticipated that a high-end hideaway on five acres would be attractive to couples seeking a pause from their lives in the city, but the allure of these properties is even more pronounced in the current environment.”