TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions [Credit: TransUnion]

Frontdesk partners with TransUnion’s screening business

US: Milwaukee-based company Frontdesk has partnered with TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions to help perform FCRA-compliant background screenings for each stay, regardless of length.

Frontdesk CEO Kyle Weatherly said: “We’re extremely proud of this partnership, as it propels Frontdesk even further ahead as we bridge the gap between short-term and long-term stays. TransUnion’s powerful platform often provides resident screening services to the long-term residents in the apartment communities in which we operate.

“We’re thrilled to be using the same data source for our guests with stays that are much shorter-term in nature. Everyone involved, from our guests to our property manager partners, and even our resident neighbours, benefit from this partnership,” he added.

Frontdesk’s goal is to prioritise a secure and seamless experience for all, which means secure stays for guests and secure policies for apartment communities. The partnership with TransUnion will enable Frontdesk to take advantage of extensive screening capabilities in order for them to make clear screening decisions with complete confidence.

Key features such as comprehensive background checks and cutting-edge identity verifications offer a more complete picture of Frontdesk stays. As a result, the seamless technology allows Frontdesk to conduct proper vetting and facilitate short-term rentals while providing guests with a frictionless customer experience.

Maitri Johnson, vice president of TransUnion’s rental screening business, said: “Our partnership with Frontdesk provides property managers and residents alike with a win-win solution. They are able to ensure the right checks and balances are in place while benefiting from having screened guests call their communities home, if only for a short stay.

“Our industry-leading criminal background search service will help ensure guests are appropriately screened before getting keys to a short-term rental at an apartment community,” she added.

For more information about TransUnion’s multi-family applicant credit, criminal and eviction screening for property managers, visit the company’s ResidentScreening suite of solutions here.

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