FrontDesk's executive team, with Jesse DePinto [right] [Credit: FrontDesk]

FrontDesk expands US corporate rental model

US: Milwaukee startup and next generation hotel management system FrontDesk is expanding its corporate rental model across 15 cities in the United States.

FrontDesk co-founder and chief growth officer, Jesse DePinto, told BizTimes: “We are the boots on the ground that are actually meeting the guests, cleaning the units, furnishing the units, taking customer phone calls and text messages for customer service. We are the hospitality company.”

The company aims to appeal to corporate travellers who want to stay in quieter, upscale neighbourhoods in short-term rental accommodation. FrontDesk provides all of its guests with an on-site contact to text if they need assistance.

The firm partners with property managers to outsource their guest suites or rent the floor of an apartment building as short-term corporate rental housing.

Now operating 190 units in eight cities, with seven more cities expected later this year, Frontdesk has committed to a rapid expansion strategy. Domestically, FrontDesk has set its sights on second tier cities such as Milwaukee, Columbus, Ohio and St. Petersburg, Florida.

Meanwhile, an in-house department employs FrontDesk’s pricing algorithm to adjust rental rates dynamically according to the latest market conditions.

Co-founder and CEO, Kyle Weatherly, said. “Our challenge to growth is more bringing supply online than it is generating more demand. We feel there’s latent demand for high-quality, well-located home-sharing apartments.”

The startup recently launched a website with updated branding to increase its direct-to-consumer marketing and secure more booking traffic, which DePinto says eliminates the fees it pays to platforms like Airbnb.

FrontDesk also recently partnered with noise monitoring service NoiseAware to offer securely managed short-term rental stays in neighbourhoods across the United States.

For more information, visit the FrontDesk website here.

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