Getaway is launching Getaway Campgrounds [Credit: Getaway]

Getaway continues US expansion with new openings and lodging offerings

US: Health and wellness hospitality company, Getaway, has announced that it plans to open nine new Outposts by the end of the year and that it is piloting new lodging experiences for the first time ever as it continues its expansion across the United States. 

As demand for disconnected, wellness travel continues, Getaway, which has opened Outposts in new markets every year since its founding in 2015, aims to create more spaces for free time in nature for all different types of traveller demographics to enjoy.

Getaway is launching its small cabin concept within a two-hour drive of new markets including previously announced Indianapolis, Indiana; St. Louis, Missouri; Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Greenville, South Carolina; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for the remainder of 2022.

The startup is also opening additional Outposts near Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; and Washington DC, due to growing consumer demand in the Southeast and Midwest, with current Outposts sustaining an average of 94 per cent occupancy over the last year.

The expansion brings the total number of Getaway locations to 28, more than double the Outposts open in 2020. It also brings the total number of cabins to over 1,000.

To further Getaway’s mission and bring guests more immersive and unique experiences in nature, the company is diversifying its lodging offerings for the first time.

This summer, Getaway is piloting Getaway Campgrounds, designed to help campers and outdoor enthusiasts get away with an added layer of comfort.

Now available to book in Catskills near New York City and Moss, Tennessee, near Nashville, Getaway Campgrounds aims to offer private, secure campsites built for comfort, modern bathrooms and amenities designed to help guests soak in their surroundings.

Guests can book a fully set-up camping experience, complete with a pitched tent and premium bed linens, or bring their own tent for a more traditional experience. The new campsites are catered for those looking for a safe and welcoming space in nature to slow down and reconnect with one another.

Jon Staff, founder and CEO of Getaway, said: “At Getaway, we’re seeing a cultural shift in travel as more urban dwellers are seeking short, frequent escapes to nature to focus on their mental health and wellbeing. Our cabins and campsites offer space for people of all walks of life to honour their free time, disconnect from work and technology and reconnect with their loved ones and themselves.

“The Getaway experience is not just about the destination – we’re turning the industry on its head and encouraging our guests to escape to nature to focus on themselves. We look forward to bringing Getaway to even more people in new cities across the country,” he added.

As a travel destination that is naturally socially distanced, contactless and accessible by car, Getaway says that it has offered a respite for many people looking for a safe and easy way to disconnect and escape throughout the pandemic.

According to a recent survey from Destination Analysts, the travel experiences that the majority of American travellers will prioritise are spending time with loved ones, enjoying nature, going to new places and getting away from crowds.

After recording occupancy rates across Outposts at 92 per cent in 2020 and 93 per cent in 2021, Getaway revealed that it had recorded the greatest number of guest stays in the company’s history in the first quarter of 2022.

In 2021, the company closed a $41.7 million Series C funding round led by Certares, with continued support from existing investors, which has helped support its growth.

To date, Getaway has 19 Outposts with more than 784 cabins outside of Atlanta, Austin and San Antonio, Boston, Charlotte and Raleigh, Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, New York, Portland, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

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