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GoCamp repositions as tech company

US: GoCamp, which provides camper van travel experiences and connects renters to owners through a peer-to-peer marketplace, is developing and launching new technology to stake its claim further in the camper van rental market. 

While previously utilising an outside technical resource for facilitating camper van rental transactions, GoCamp is now repositioning from a start-up service to an immersive tech company, paving the way for unique platform development and customer experiences.

After enjoying rapid growth as a tech-enabled company, the startup recognised the opportunity to own its software and invent dynamic customer journeys for national and international customers.

It marks a turning point for GoCamp, which initially established a cutting-edge business model offering a select, curated fleet of camper vans and Class B RVs. While other competitors have extended their reach and services to all RV and camper van owners, GoCamp claims to prioritise exceptional service and high quality curation for renters.

The Alabama-based startup will utilise its software to increase exposure to owners and renters, aligning with a customer-centric focus, overall business goals and growth strategy.

GoCamp CEO Camila Ramirez said: “Owning, developing and launching our technology has been a big endeavour. However, we know this is the most important step we can take toward controlling the future of our business and the experience we offer to renters and van owners.

“Becoming a tech company allows us to do more than provide a service, it puts us on the forefront of innovation, while resolving challenges for all our customers. Having control of our software gives us the freedom to evolve our marketplace and expand our business,” she added.

As a new tech company, GoCamp has managed its share of unanswered questions, testing and research.

The marketplace has focused on gathering data to execute its new technology platform to create a sustainable business model as a peer-to-peer camper van rental company. In order to do this, GoCamp is targeting ongoing software enhancements and improvements to become a leading camper van rental marketplace.

Ramirez continued: “As we look into the future, we see a lot of opportunities for GoCamp. In its young phase right now, we’re making major advancements to provide a product that is easily adopted in the market.

“Now that we have created and own the software, we can live in a space of continual change as we iterate, building our audiences and services as we go. There are a lot of possibilities, and with our technology, we’re ready for it,” she added.

Fuelled by recent restrictions from Covid-19, the camper van rental sector has seen exponential growth over the past few years. But despite the competitive environment, GoCamp says that it has continued to increase revenue year over year.

The launch of its technology will enable GoCamp to continue as an industry leader with a forward-thinking mindset, invested in customers and long-term success.

Since its founding in 2017, GoCamp has grown its presence to more than 50 locations across the United States.

Meanwhile, Ramirez will join an upcoming ‘Rising STRz round table’ webinar on Tuesday 7 November alongside a number of other emerging influential leaders from the travel and hospitality space – sign up for free at this link.

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