Eco-friendly booking platform GreenGo goes live

France: A new eco-friendly booking platform which describes itself as “the French alternative to Airbnb and”, GreenGo, has officially gone live.

GreenGo, which is designed to be a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to traditional OTAs that charge higher commissions, is setting out to “reconcile” travel and the environment and bring people closer to nature, in order to develop a blueprint for sustainable tourism moving forward.

All registered hosts on GreenGo’s platform will be required to sign a three-pronged charter, in which they pledge to be sustainable, offer fair value for money and greet their visitors with a warm welcome.

The company was founded back in July 2020 by Guillaume Jouffre, a former advisor for management consulting business Oliver Wyman.

Speaking to Consultor about the launch of GreenGo, Jouffre said: “We want to show that we can travel, have fun, be in beautiful places, while taking care of the planet, and we offer lower commission rates [ten per cent], while Airbnb and Booking are 18 per cent.”

Having already raised more than €20,000 in a recent crowdfunding campaign [400 per cent of its original target], GreenGo has already recruited 130 hosts and accumulated just shy of 350 accommodations on its platform, supporting the company’s ambition to scale its sustainable and community-first model throughout Europe.

Now, with restrictions gradually easing and a travel bounce expected ahead of this summer, GreenGo hopes to attract more hosts and appeal to travellers concerned with responsible tourism and reducing their carbon footprint.