Minut launches Autocall and upgrades Guest Connect

Sweden: Property monitoring company Minut has launched a new feature called Autocall, which is designed to make noise monitoring even easier and more efficient, and upgraded its existing Guest Connect feature.

As well as Autocall, Minut has created the option for editable messages and a noise timeline.

The new features have been launched to make dealing with noise issues a more seamless experience, saving property managers and owners time and work.

From now on, Minut will be able to call guests directly when noise is detected, through Autocall, the company’s new automated phone call feature. It can be used in combination with text messages and Flash & Sound to remind guests about their noise rules.

Other updates launched recently by Minut include:

  • Minut has updated its SMS to Guest feature to make the message editable. In this way, managers and owners can make it as unique as their business is – they can personalise it to match their brand’s tone of voice, and write it in the language that best suits them and their guests.
  • There will be options for different messages when any problems escalate, starting with a gentle first warning and getting more stern with time.
  • Minut has also added a noise timeline that lets owners and managers decide on the sequence of events once noise is detected. They will be able to select who is notified in the first instance, and how the situation is handled when it escalates.

Hosts and managers can choose whether they want to message guests immediately, or with a ten minute delay. Autocall can be set up to act as a final warning or to follow the SMS schedule, and sensors can be modified to alert guests by either flashing or sounding, according to the host’s preferences.

The updated Guest Connect feature has been created to give hosts and property managers the freedom and flexibility to make automated noise response protocols fit their individual needs.

Minut has noted that in 94 per cent of cases, just one friendly reminder is enough to get guests to quiet down within 15 minutes. When automating response processes, hosts and managers will no longer need to be on the lookout for noise alerts 24/7, with Guest Connect in place to solve most noise issues by itself.

Last month, the Malmo-based company added occupancy to its existing core set of features, which already included noise, security and temperature monitoring.

Its recently-launched ‘Crowd detect’ feature counts the number of mobile devices in the property and will alert the host if the threshold for the home has been exceeded, indicating that a large gathering [such as a party] might be assembling.

The host will then be able to see the number of devices detected in the Minut mobile app at all times. If the number of devices rises above the preset threshold, Minut will notify the host, so that they can check on their property instantly and make sure it is not overcrowded.