SkyRun growth

SkyRun sees record year of growth

US: Colorado-based SkyRun Vacation Rentals, a property management franchise in the vacation rental marketplace, has recorded a record-breaking year of development since becoming a multi-location operation in 2009.

Since the start of the year, the company has welcomed 13 new franchisees to its system, reflecting a 46 per cent YOY rate of growth for the brand, and officially marking 2023 as SkyRun’s best year for brand expansion.

The company says much of this growth has stemmed from the attention paid to the short-term rental market in the national conversation on business development and economic performance. That heightened attention has helped SkyRun to sign agreements with 13 new markets so far this year, such as Orlando, FL; Kona Coast, HI; and South Orange County, CA.

“What has become abundantly clear for many vacation rental owners is the value and simplicity that professional property management can bring to an increasingly complex industry,” said Lukas Krause, CEO of SkyRun Vacation Rentals. “Between evolving pricing strategies, heightened guest expectations, an increase in booking channels, and complicated regional regulations, more and more homeowners are seeking a partner who can help their second home stand out in the crowd and earn more revenue with less hassle.”

The SkyRun team is capitalszing on this growing public interest in professional property management by investing in new marketing strategies and technology to help franchisees and homeowners navigate the complexities of the industry with ease. These investments “will continue to help SkyRun franchisees launch and grow successful short term rental management businesses faster than if they were to do so on their own, along with the support of a community of peers and experts in the field” says the company.

“With the SkyRun name expanding to over 40 locations and over 1,200 vacation rentals nationwide, our growth is going into overdrive,” said Maura Wall, director of marketing for SkyRun Vacation Rentals. “As the industry evolves, professional management companies like SkyRun have the opportunity to shape the future of vacation rentals for the better. It is exciting to be a part of, and our numbers show it—savvy entrepreneurs see the chance to build something special at an opportune time. We anticipate continued growth at this pace through 2024 and beyond.”

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