The GuestReady leadership team, with CEO and co-founder, Alexander Limpert (fourth from right)

GuestReady acquires Oporto City Flats and takes over We Stay In Paris

Worldwide: Airbnb management company GuestReady has acquired Portuguese short-term rental operator Oporto City Flats and it will manage French Airbnb manager We Stay In Paris’ portfolio.

The deals will add 100 new homes to GuestReady’s growing property portfolio, taking its list to over 1,000 properties.

In agreeing the deals, GuestReady believes that will help to cement its position among the top three globally-leading Airbnb management companies. With a head office based in London, GuestReady is currently present in six countries across Europe and Asia and it also provides Airbnb-management services to luxury rental hosts in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Paris, Cannes, Porto, Lisbon, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong.

The company is currently engaged in talks to expand its operations into other markets around the world.

GuestReady say Airbnb hosts are increasingly relying on short-term rental management companies like them to manage their properties.

Hosts using GuestReady hosts are provided with 24/7 support on guest communication, personalised welcomes, concierge services during guest stays, hotel quality linen and towels and other amenities. The service is a means of increasing positive reviews and secures the long-term success of properties.

GuestReady co-founder and CEO Alexander Limpert said: “We’re in a really exciting stage at GuestReady. These deals in Portugal and France give us the chance to take the high level of service we offer to a greater number of hosts looking to have peace of mind while managing their short-term lets.

“From day one, our top priority was to make sure we offered the best Airbnb experience to property owners and travellers. This was only possible through a technology-first approach as tech allows us to streamline and automate processes, enabling us to focus on delivering superior guest experiences and host services,” he added.

Oporto City Flats co-founder and general manager, Miguel Martins dos Santos, said: “We built a strong business over the last years but reached a level where technology became the limiting factor to scale further. We are impressed by GuestReady’s technology that allows the business to scale rapidly while increasing guest ratings and returns for property owners.

“We look forward to assisting GuestReady in Portugal to guarantee continuity and to bring new properties on board,” he added.

We Stay In Paris co-founder Grégoire Benoit said: “We engaged with several players in the process of finding a solution for our owners. In the end, we chose GuestReady as they are the industry leaders in terms of service quality.

“Also, we really liked their team and are looking forward to seeing our portfolio of premium homes thrive under the GuestReady brand,” he added.

GuestReady, which was launched back in 2016, uses technology to enable its personalised style of property management. It has now raised a total of $3.7M to date from angel investors and seed stage funds such as Impulse VC, Swiss Founders Fund (SFF), Boost Heroes, and Senn & Partners.

The company also won the 2018 Serviced Apartment Award as the best service provider and has been named as one of the Hot 25 Startups for 2019 by Phocuswire and Voyager HQ. It was also number 13 in the Startups 100 Ranking and has a TrustReview score of 9.4 out of 10.

Anyone seeking more information on GuestReady can visit the website at

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