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GuestReady hires Vairo as RentalReady PMS director

UK: London-based short- and mid-term rental management company, GuestReady, has furthered strengthened its senior team with the hiring of Gianpaolo Vairo as its new property management software director.

Vairo’s hiring follows the recent appointment of Kasia Aubier as the company’s global head of operations.

Based in Spain, where GuestReady launched its operations last month, Vairo has over 13 years of experience in the short-term rental management industry, being recognised as one of the top 20 holiday rental consultants worldwide, and one of the 20 most relevant people in the vacation rental technology space.

Alexander Limpert, co-founder and CEO of GuestReady, said: “We are excited to further strengthen the GuestReady Group with Gianpaolo’s arrival. He brings extensive industry experience and a unique understanding of the PMS landscape.

“Technology plays an essential part in successfully operating at scale in the short- and medium term rental management industry, and we look forward to helping many more property managers grow in the near future through RentalReady’s solutions,” he added.

Vairo started his career in short-term rental management in 2009 in Barcelona, shortly after Airbnb had been launched. Since then, he has witnessed first-hand the transition from the old to the new business models around vacation rentals, as industry players started to discover the possibilities that online marketplaces could offer.

After building his skills in marketing and operations for several years, he joined Barcelona-based property management software company Kigo and played an instrumental role in opening the Italian market. He then co-founded Localler, an all-in-one product marketing platform that was combining holiday rentals with local tours and activities for the first time, and held the role of CEO at the company for more than four years.

Later, Vairo worked for holiday rental marketplace WayToStay, before going on to consult companies such as property management platform Guesty, travel tech company Holidu and smart access solution provider Nuki Home Solutions, and later founding the Scale Rentals Showa conference dedicated to property managers looking to scale the profitability and sustainability of their holiday rentals’ business.

Joining GuestReady as the RentalReady PMS director, he will oversee the growing RentalReady team and focus on its marketing and sales strategy.

The solution includes a “state-of-the-art” property management software developed by and for the GuestReady team and enables property managers to tap into the team’s years of experience to boost their own growth.

Vairo said: “RentalReady is absolutely unique because it has been built directly by the GuestReady team, with the initial sole purpose of unlocking their own hyper-growth. Other PMS are developed by software companies, who simply cannot fully understand what property managers actually need to simplify their operations.

“Licensing RentalReady as a SaaS came from other property managers asking for it. The growth has been significant considering that it’s only been word of mouth so far, and we are just scratching the surface. My role is now to let the vacation rentals industry know about it.

“RentalReady is not yet another software. It is a solution that combines GuestReady’s experience building and scaling successfully one of the largest property management companies in Europe, with a state-of-art PMS. We support the growth of property managers through great business support and software access, a unique proposition in the industry,” he added.

Founded in 2016, GuestReady is currently active in more than 50 cities around the world, including leading tourist destinations such as London, Paris, Lisbon and Dubai.