GuestReady has revealed the most lucrative locations in Lisbon and Porto

GuestReady reveals profitable rental locations in Portugal

Portugal: Property management company GuestReady has revealed Avenida dos Aliados in Porto and the Chiado neighbourhood in Lisbon are the most lucrative locations for short-term rentals in Portugal.

According to the agency’s latest report, the aforementioned communities can have two-bedroom apartments rented out for €150 per day.

The report was based on the average values charged at 200 properties in 26 sites in Lisbon and Porto that are listed on the Airbnb online platform and managed by GuestReady. The property management company said that the lowest prices in both cities are in areas in close proximity to train stations.

It read: “An apartment with a room next to [Porto’s] Campanhã station can bring in on average €55 per day, while similar accommodation near [Lisbon’s] Oriente train station can cost €75.”

According to the data, which focused on one- and two-bedroom accommodations, the most expensive area in Porto is Avenida dos Aliados, where a one-bedroom apartment typically costs €120 per day on average, while a two-bedroom unit reaches up to €150 per day.

In Lisbon, the most expensive areas are Chiado’s Rua do Alecrim and Rua Garret, where prices for two-bedroom apartments can rise to up to €130 a day.

In Porto, Rua de Cedofeita was found to be one of the cheapest places, with average prices of €70 and €85 for one- and two-bedroom apartments respectively. In Lisbon, Avenida Almirante Reis and Largo do Rato had average prices of €70 or €90 per day respectively.

Meanwhile, GuestReady has created a Monopoly-type board game which aims to “show how much owners of local accommodation units in the main areas of Lisbon and Porto can make”.

GuestReady manages properties for short-term letting in the UK, France, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Hong Kong, providing professional services to real estate investors, homeowners and hosts whose properties are displayed on Airbnb’s platform.

For more information, visit the GuestReady website here.

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