GuestReady plans to double its 51m euro portfolio in Portugal in 2020 [Credit: GR]

GuestReady planning to double €51m portfolio in Portugal in 2020

Portugal: Property management company GuestReady plans to double its portfolio in Portugal in 2020 after reaching €51 million in properties managed in the country after one year of being active in that market.

Speaking to Lusa, GuestReady CEO Alexander Limpert said that the company has “ambitious growth plans” in Portugal and that he is expecting to “double the portfolio of properties under management” this year.

“Portugal, in addition to being a popular tourist destination, has large technology companies like Google, as well as ‘startups’ opening offices in Lisbon, increasing the number of visitors,” added Limpert.

GuestReady currently employs 30 people in its Portuguese team and Limpert intends to continue investing in growing out that number over the next 12 months in particular.

He said: “We see great potential in Porto and we are exploring other cities to which we can expand and hire”.

On a global scale, the property management company has sought to keep up with the rapidly growing demand in the market by acquiring three competing companies in the space of 11 months – Oporto City Flats, We Stay in Paris and BnbLord. In that time, its overall workforce also grew from 70 to 150 employees.

For more information, visit the GuestReady website here.

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