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HomeAway launches pet-friendly rental homes collection

US: Vacation rental giant HomeAway has launched a new collection of pet-friendly homes on its platform.

The pet-friendly travel collection page aggregates all 350,000 pet-friendly properties listed on the site worldwide. It highlights 17 of its most popular destinations for travellers with pets, including Miramar Beach, Hilton Head Island, San Diego, Galveston, Charleston, and Gatlinburg.

“HomeAway commissioned research that showed more than 19 million American families have traveled with or will travel with their dog this year,” said Melanie Fish, a public relations representative with HomeAway. “We know that pet-friendly vacation rentals can fill accommodations needs for a lot of people who may not realise it yet.”

HomeAway will donate $100 per booking made through the pet-friendly travel collection to Emancipet, capped at $10,000, or 100 reservations.

Both headquartered in Austin, Texas, HomeAway chose to support Emancipet after watching the nonprofit build a network of high-quality, low-cost clinics and advocate to improve the lives of pets in underserved communities. “Since we’ve seen so much of their work in action, including the great work they’re doing to help the 300,000 pets in Puerto Rico left homeless following Hurricane Maria, it was an easy choice to work with them,” said Fish.

HomeAway is owned by Expedia Group and lists more than two million homes across 190 countries.