HomeToGo has partnered with AirDNA for its revenge travel study

HomeToGo and AirDNA partner for revenge travel study

Germany: Berlin-based vacation rental distribution channel HomeToGo has released its latest white paper looking at the growing trend of ‘revenge travel’ in partnership with short-term rental data and analytics provider, AirDNA.

The ‘revenge travel’ report is a comprehensive analysis of travel behaviour in the United States conducted in April 2021 with additional insights provided by AirDNA.

In the report, HomeToGo looks at traveller sentiment and plans for Summer 2021 and beyond, how property managers have adapted their business to the new normal, and combines that analysis with internal data that contains invaluable user insights on top-line data points, such as average booking volume, length of stay, and book-to-check-in.

Among the most positive trends:

● 85 per cent of property managers are noticing more bookings compared to previous years.

● Approximately 54 per cent of guest respondents have said that they plan to travel within the next couple of months after receiving the vaccine, indicating a strong summer is on the horizon for US-based property managers and homeowners. The data also shows that guests are booking longer trips and spending more.

● As of April, 46 per cent of HomeToGo’s summer bookings in the United States last seven days or longer – an eight per cent increase on the previous year. That finding coincides with the 54 per cent of property managers who shared that guests are spending more on average per booking.

Although the vaccine rollout is well underway, HomeToGo and AirDNA’s data shows that domestic, rural destinations remain guest favourites.

According to HomeToGo, nine out of ten travellers are searching for rural getaways in domestic destinations this year. Of guests surveyed, 63 per cent reported that a ‘quiet getaway’ was their most preferred vacation spot for their next trip.

The exclusive analysis combines HomeToGo user behaviour with consumer intentions and insights from property managers, providing vacation rental owners and property managers with insights on how to capitalise on the expected resurgence in travel.

Click on this link to view the study.

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